the man, the myth, the legend

yo, i’m rebecca bozin but you can call me bec (beezy or beezus will also do well)
i hate writing these things as i’m thoroughly uninteresting. i’m an ordinary girl with highly opinionated views of everything, a controversial sense of humour and a laziness that she believes will end in success.
i mean, ultimately, i just want to make a dent in this world. to which extent that extends to, i have no clue and i don’t care, but if i can leave this world with someone saying that it was a little bit brighter because of me i’ll be happy.
i also really, really like rap music and musical theatre. like, so much. that shit oozes out of my pores. i eat a lot of food and try to compensate for it by googling ridiculous diets that i never try and going for a run like once a year.
conspiracy theories are really fun and i will absorb them and force them onto others until they believe me.
really, i’m just going through the motions of life until i meet a hot celebrity to marry

that’s all

you can find me at my instagram account (make me famous, fams)
and my my facebook page (don’t judge my younger years)

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