Some First Week Observations

In no particular order

  • when we say these blogs are for as long as you want them, and you will use them in other subjects, what we are really saying is “you can have these blogs for as long as you want, even after you graduate, and you will use them in other subjects”, so, um, why call it something like “my networked media blog”? #justsayin
  • to write a link manually (using html), for instance in a footer so you can link to the disclaimer page, you don’t just write the url, you need to write <a href=””>disclaimer&lt/a>, whatever appears as the URL (the web address) will be where the link goes, and the text between the > and </a> will appear as the link text – what you click on
  • an about page or even in your footer if you want lets you tell people who you are, and how to get in touch. This is important since, like it or not, you’re now a publisher and as a publisher readers should be able to send you an email. To ask, question, complain, invite. And the about page shifts this three year online portfolio of your abilities from being anonymous to being about you. Put your name there, write some stuff, in about three weeks your blog should nearly have a Google page rank of 1
  • when you write about something else, in a blog, or online, link to it, if to a blog then you always link to the individual post, the network is crafted by its links