The Big First List of All The Things To Be Able To Do in My Blog

These are the ‘blog how to’ basics that we will be working through as part of the first two or three classes.

Real Basic

  • know how to log in
  • know the URL of my blog
  • know the URL of the subject blog
  • be able to post entries to my blog


  • able to set comment controls
  • turn on spam filtering
  • set time zone
  • know where to change/set email address and change password
  • know how to recover lost password
  • write an appropriate ‘about’ page
  • making the about page visible
  • linked to the disclaimer page from your footer or sidebar (

Writing Outwards

  • can create a link from text in a blog post out to somewhere else
  • built a blogroll
  • uses different ‘sections’ (categories) in my blogroll
  • provided links to other services and/or sites I am on or use
  • use categories with posts
  • use tags with posts

Making it Mine

  • can use the edit tools in the post editor
  • have experimented with a different template
  • have modified a template using widgets
  • have modified the title, subtitle, colours and header of my blog
  • make categories visible/available on my template
  • made tags visible/available on my template
  • added pages

Beginning to Weave

  • posted a photo in a blog post
  • embedded a vine clip in a blog post
  • embedded a photo of fine from flickr, instagram or some other photo service into my blog
  • embedded video of mine from flickr, vine, vimeo, or some other video service in my blog
  • send something from my phone to my blog