Week 11- Mash up vs Remix

mash-up; musically applying two popular songs together in order to promote ‘new’ music
remix; reinterpretation of already existing musical content to create new meaning

Mash-ups and remixes have been the foundation for many artists trying to make it big in the music industry, media platforms such as Soundcloud have provided many aspiring musicians, DJs and composers with the opportunity to delve into the pool of success. By tweaking, pulling, editing, cutting and pasting segments from previous tracks the industry has been exposed to a whole new element of creativity and emotion.

Radio platforms such as Triple J saw the rise in remixing and developed a competition inviting young Australian residents to re-produce pre-existing music.

Creativity Needs Inspiration

Cinematic remixes can also be referred to as genre movies; films that fall into large blanket categories. Genre becomes systematic as directors and audiences pull together various conventions to create patterns of hypothesis and expectation. Over the past 15 years 74/100 box office hits were either sequels or re-created versions of earlier films; relying heavily on existing material these films evidently pulled segments, scenes, layouts, character types and motifs from other films.

For example, Ana Lily Amirpour’s 2014 Iranian vampire thriller “ A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night”  has recognised elements of Film Noir, classic and spaghetti Western, even a musical as well as Horror.

The thematic trailer exposes several of these genres being combined into one film; 
– film noir; action is  spiralling out of control>  the girl dancing alone>  filter of French New Wave
– Western; industrial freight train> music> the font> machinery> standing across from one another like> she behaves according to moral code/ similar to the classic cowboy,
– Vampire; home is underground > doesn’t look in mirror when doing makeup > goes out only at night> has fangs >drinks blood > cold skin
– Musical; foregrounded> songs play out near entire length, almost like a music video > records and tapes are always played and action is intensified


Madison langridge, 18 years, interested in photography and film

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