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During class on Monday everyone had the opportunity to share what they had gathered throughout the project that represented their identity.
Surprisingly I was ok with sharing what I had come up with, I believe that I can improve and explore a lot more but set myself a good standard to rise above.

My audio was chosen out of my group to share, this was interesting because I believed it to be very personal and didn’t think many would understand where I was coming from with it. I quickly got over this and was happy that it could be shared.

Viewing other individuals media I came up with some new ideas and new ways I could explore this project.

Project 2 is underway.

/ Explanation of project 1 /

Audio :

(Childhood) – This recording reflects how when I spend time with my family and my niece, her innocence brings so much joy and she always managers to make me laugh. Reminding me of how simple life is and how important noticing the small things around us is.
(Car) – This recording is simply what I do every time I get in my car because know one drives in silence. – constantly changing the radio station.

Film :

(Sunset) – Is from ‘Future’ music festival. Spending a nice day with a  good crowd of people/friends in a loud exciting environment with good music and happy vibes.
(Walking) – Going for a walk is a daily routine and it normally involves walking a talking and being stupid with my friend.

Photos :

(Sport) – I am always in gym gear, trying to be active
(Fruit) – I live off of fruit
(Sitting) – I always find myself getting early to places and have to sit and ‘wait’.
(Laptop) – I spend majority of my time on my desk, with a pen paper and a green highlighter because green brightens up anything that is neutral.

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‘ If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sun beams and you will always look lovely ‘ … Roald Dahl

‘ Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication ‘ … Leonardo da Vinci

‘ Change is inevitable. Growth is optional ‘ … john maxwell

…. ‘ simple ‘ …. emily roach

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