When Robbie posed the question “Did anyone struggle with this assignment?” I was weirdly comforted when I realised I wasn’t the only one that raised my hand. For the duration of the assignment all the way up until submission I was so sure I was the only one struggling and I wasn’t going to produce anything worthy. This attitude was a real creative block for me. I found that for the most part of the assignment I was so focused on trying to create an abstract concept for my self portrait and I spent most of my time dwelling on that rather then just producing work and improving on it. I found the presentation cathartic, all the insecurities and issues I had felt about my work were looked at in a positive manner by my peers. Their insight gave me different ideas and perspective on my work that I hadn’t of thought of until then. The chance to see other peoples works and to hear their reasoning behind it gave me some different concepts and ways to approach this second assignment.

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No selfies thanks


A Pearl is a precious gem, radiant, smooth and round they usually form in the living shell of Molluks. Composed of calcium carbonate, many believe the most valuable Pearls to be a perfect smooth sphere shape, when in fact odd shaped Pearls are often formed and are just as admirable.



I took this photo in Myanmar last year. It was on this trip that I had a mild identity crisis of my own. I started questioning myself in ways that I never had before and when we were given this project brief I was instantly drawn back to my memories in Myanmar.


Tattoo sketch

The drawing is the original sketch tattoo artist Daisy Watson drew for me before I got inked in April last year. The orchard flower was my fathers favourite flower and the day after his passing a Praying Mantus appeared on our window sill and just stayed there for 10 days. I always believed it was his form of reincarnation and his passing has had a significant impact on the way in which I was raised and how I have turned out as an adult.

Ancestor temple in Malaysia

When I visited Malaysia last year My family took me to a temple dedicated to my ancestors. I sometimes find myself wondering about what my life would have been like if certain big decisions hadn’t been made by my family. I try to imagine how different my life would have been if my parents hadn’t of migrated to Australia.

Worry doll

Stress is probably the most frequent word used in my vocabulary unfortunately. My mother gave me this worry doll at the beginning of year 12 and I like to keep it with me during times of stress and challenge

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I am someone who is constantly with headphones where ever I go, especially when I’m walking through the CBD. It allows me to escape from the craziness of Melbourne’s city streets and also allows me to avoid sales people. Yesterday when I was wandering through one of Melbourne’s busiest streets with no music to block out the hussle and bussle, I came to the realisation that media is literally everywhere. Up high our view of Melbourne’s beautiful skyline is obstructed by billboards and advertising. Buildings are decorated in graffiti, flags, art and sculptures. On ground level your eyes are bombarded with logos on shop exteriors, peoples clothing, litter and packaging. Print media from an array of company’s can be found within metres of each other Almost every city go-er I observed during the audit was engrossed in a form of technology whether it be a phone, a musical device, tablets and laptops. The media is not necessarily something tangible; peoples conversations, the sounds coming from inside shops, streets performers and protests are all encompassed in this ‘thing’ we call The Media.

I was overwhelmed by how much Media I encountered between the distance of La Trobe to Bourke st. It made me think back to the lecture when Mr Brian Morris asked the question “What are the first 5 things you think of when it comes to Media?” I may be making a generalisation but many people including myself would think of television, journalism, film and radio. When in fact Media is more than that; it’s communication, technology, social media, advertising, propaganda, consumerism, current affairs. When it comes to John Mason’s idea of a successful experience being the result of intentional noticing, it is situation or environmental dependent. In this case, the abundance and prominent manner of the media results in the audience passively and subconsciously receiving the media’s messages, therefore not having to intentionally notice in order to experience.

I started to think back to week one’s reading about the current generational shift from deep to hyper attention in young people. Amongst the research it was found that a lot experts believe that this change in cognitive styles that is affecting attention solely derives from the increasing amount of media in our environment.”Young people spend an average of 6.5 hours everyday all week 3.51 hours on film, MP3, music, CD radio” as opposed to “.43 hours” reading. This raises certain issues, firstly that the physicality of the brain is changing, secondly, today’s educators who were schooled in deep attention have to decide whether they “change the students to fit the educational environment or change that environment to fit the students.” It poses the question of how educators would go about changing the learning environment? Does that mean having less technology and media accessible in a learning environment? This is something I believe that would be very difficult to implement as we are rapidly advancing technologically, especially in our educational institutions.

The media’s strong presence in our society correlates to this shift from deep to hyper attention. As for the educators they may now have to face teaching in some ways that are unfamiliar, as a society we must be vigilant and access is this change for the better or for the worst?

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I haven’t told anyone i’ve met in the course this yet but I started this degree last year and decided to defer after what I thought was my mid life crisis. I didn’t think I would come back and give this course another go. I couldn’t  fathom how different university was to high school and to be quite honest I was very stressed and overwhelmed by the content of the course within the first week. I look back now and I realise I was being slightly/very irrational. After my first Media Com class I wasn’t feeling any of this, I think this style of lectures  or lectorial I should say is a perfect learning environment for a subject like media, it  allows us as students to collaborate and network with each other and also easily interact with our tutors.

Ten things that I want to be able to do, be better at, know or have by the completion of my degree
– Be able to produce a creative piece of work using different forms of media
– Be competent at editing my own work and works of others
– The knowledge to thoroughly analyse and critic different forms of media
– Have the understanding of the positive and negative impacts the media has on society
– Be able to give a profession presentation
– The ability to use all sorts of pieces of equipment and technological programs
– Know the style in which I learn best
– The ability to understand audiences and what media suites them best
– Gain a spider web of networks
– Have a kick ass portfolio

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First day of classes was yesterday and as per every first day class we had introductions and unlike my peers who gave very coherent, interesting answers I panic answered and just said the first thing that came to my head. I instantly regretted everything I was saying as the words rolled off my tongue. So I thought I’d give it a better go. I am a first year Media and Communications student at RMIT. The reason I am doing this course is because I somehow managed to go against every Asian stereotype, this would include not ever being academically successful at math or science so media seemed the right path for me. I have dabbled in some areas of media but I’m not really sure where it is taking me just yet. I have just returned from two years of working and travelling and having spent so much time out of a learning environment my brain is not as stimulated as many of you, so this is going to be a very challenging process. A little bit more about me, my favourite movie is Lock Stock and Two Smocking Barrels and my favourite book is Jurassic Park which also happens to be a fantastic film. I work in a Mexican restaurant and as a result have an unstable diet of tacos and more tacos. I believe my weekly taco consumption is more then the average person would consume in their lifetime. I also must confess I’m not the savviest of humans when It comes to action of blogging or even using technology, so as the majority of my blog is under construction please continue to the peruse the links page and entertain yourselves with some of the links I have shared.

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