Week 12- Final Gathering

“it feels like yesterday we were sitting here for the first time and introducing ourselves and our life ambitions” – India Weaver

To think that this semester is already coming to an end is a bizarre feeling.  Over the past 12 weeks I have explored the story of myself, my peers and my existence in this media world; not only have I made some amazing friends but I have also shared the beginning of a new chapter with an extraordinary body of people.

Todays final gathering of Robbie’s Media One class consisted of the usual coffees, chai’s, muffins and slices along with the occasional unknown burst of music coming from Russell’s laptop. We presented our latest progress on Project Brief 4 and provided each other with constructive criticism, positive feedback and the oh-so-encouraging “it looks awesome”.

Coming together, we discovered that as a creative group we would not pride ourselves on our learning graph skills but would applaud each other for the fine choice of coloured marker.



Madison langridge, 18 years, interested in photography and film

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