Symposium 9

Blogs form an ecology
The way blogs and blog posts link together is just like an ecology..

The question was raised, how is it that assembling a large collection of components into a system results in something altogether different from just a disassociated collection of components?
Now, this sounds quite wordy, but Adrian showed us an example of a website (I’ve forgotten it’s name sorry) where you can write any story, and then label it however you like, such as that you’re a man in Melbourne writing a story about being a dad, and the website automatically generates a collection of all the posts with those same labels. Suddenly this single component becomes a large collection of other similar components. Is this kind of like a hashtag? Sort of.

The Oracle of Bacon was a pretty cool concept. Using any actor, you can find their link to Kevin Bacon, in a sort of six degrees of separation kind of way. Let’s use my future husband Dave Franco as an example. Dave was in the film ‘Milk’ with Cabran E. Chamberlain, who was in ‘Murder in the First’ with Kevin Bacon. So Dave Franco has a Bacon number of 2. Who’d have thought! Adrian said if we can find someone with a ‘Bacon number’ of more than 4 to let him know, it’s that hard to find one that distant.


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