This is copyrighted, yeah?

Something I learnt from the readings this week that was quite interesting is that the duration of copyright is the lifetime of the creator plus 70 years. Whoa.

Also I had never heard of a Creative Commons where rather than an owner reserving all their rights, they relinquish some rights and reserves to others. There are different licenses they can choose from, such as an “attribution” license where others can use their work, as long as the original owner is credited as the author.

So we have to be very careful about what material we use in our blog as we must avoid copyright. Any work we produce on our blog is also copyrighted material, which I wasn’t aware of. I thought you had to go through some kind of process to get your stuff copyrighted.

Symposium 2

Our Networked Media lecture, or symposium, this week was very interesting. We discussed the idea of stories, even considering the three act structure coined by Aristotle. Our lecturer, Adrian, even got us to explain what reading is, beginning with how to use a book, which was quite comical in itself.

He went on to explain that a book always has a first and last page. There in no avoiding this. There are pages inside; of course, right – it wouldn’t be a book without them. The internet however, is a whole other story. There are no pages, no beginning, no end. It is just a screen that can transform into a multitude of information. The internet is limitless. What an exciting world we live in. It is our role as media students to take advantage of this and use it in the most innovative way possible.

I’m baaaaaack.

So here we are, my first blog post. Actually, that’s a lie. I did have a blog, once. It was going to be a fun-filled, hilarity-inducing site relaying my awesome life at college. However, after my very first post, my student president called me to his room and informed me that my blog was too inappropriate and wouldn’t reflect kindly on the college. So I cracked it. Ended my newfound career as a blogger. Deleted my blog. Done. But alas, I am back. Although, my blog will be much more tame this time. I am blogging about my experience studying Networked Media after all. So ah, here I go..

Okay I actually don’t have much to report just yet. My first Networked Media class was interesting. My teacher seems cool (shout out to Jason if you’re reading!) What immediately caught my attention was the fact our first assignment is to create a HTML page. What in God’s name is a HTML page? It seems very high tech and I am not very information technology minded. I guess we will be learning this in the upcoming classes. There’s also a blogging assignment, an essay, the works.

I’m pretty keen to get into Networked Media. It sounds different to what I’ve studied before so it should be quite interesting! Stay posted.