B to the L to the O to the G to the S.

I thought Kerri’s post where she talks about our egocentric Facebook ways was pretty funny! We may not all admit it, but we crave Facebook likes the same way 5 year olds crave Maccas happy meals – a lot. When you change your DP, you’re hoping like hell at least a few people like it. Otherwise, social suicide! Thanks Kerri.

Evan included two interesting quotes in his blog, ““I find it hilarious how in uni lectures if we’re waiting for the lecturer to arrive, everyone is on their phones, totally silent” and “On the train everyone is just face down, glued to their screen. Surely that is going to have a strange impact on the way we develop.” which were made by a man who has decided to have coffee with each of his 1000+ Facebook friends. Something to think about.

Rachel shared with us her love of Humans of New York and let us know about the upcoming Little Humans of New York! Lookout. Here’s a sneak preview (courtesy of Rach).


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