This week’s reading was about databases. I remember in my early years of high school, one of my IT subjects was based purely on creating our own databases, revolving around a DVD hire store I believe. I used to think it was really confusing.

Interestingly the reading claims that there is hardly a website that does not feature at least a dozen links to other sites, therefore every site is a type of database. A database can be defined as a structured collection of data. It makes information easy to find and is used in a magnitude of ways, doctor’s files, library books, student records, DVD hire (as mentioned above), even our ‘Friends’ on facebook, the list is endless.

Another reading which was posted at the end of last week was about the new social media site ‘Ello’. To be honest I’ve never even heard of it. Apparently it’s currently on an invite only beta which means no one new can sign up, although you can still peruse the public profiles. This particular guy describes it as a combination between Twitter and Live Journal (I’m not sure what the latter is either). I might have to keep my eye out on that one.

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