I’m baaaaaack.

So here we are, my first blog post. Actually, that’s a lie. I did have a blog, once. It was going to be a fun-filled, hilarity-inducing site relaying my awesome life at college. However, after my very first post, my student president called me to his room and informed me that my blog was too inappropriate and wouldn’t reflect kindly on the college. So I cracked it. Ended my newfound career as a blogger. Deleted my blog. Done. But alas, I am back. Although, my blog will be much more tame this time. I am blogging about my experience studying Networked Media after all. So ah, here I go..

Okay I actually don’t have much to report just yet. My first Networked Media class was interesting. My teacher seems cool (shout out to Jason if you’re reading!) What immediately caught my attention was the fact our first assignment is to create a HTML page. What in God’s name is a HTML page? It seems very high tech and I am not very information technology minded. I guess we will be learning this in the upcoming classes. There’s also a blogging assignment, an essay, the works.

I’m pretty keen to get into Networked Media. It sounds different to what I’ve studied before so it should be quite interesting! Stay posted.


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