Semester 2, Network Media…So It Beings :/

so it begins...

Friday the 25th of July marked the beginning of Network media, for myself and about a dozen others in my class with our deadly but fearless leader Elliot. Armed with an arsenal of linking words such as ‘however’ ‘consequently’ and ‘therefore’ our learning knew no bounds. Unfortunately for all of us no real learning was to take place today as it was merely a crash course in blogging, the hows and whys, and an overview of the work for the semester.

We briefly looked at some of the concepts, ideas and suggestions for the upcoming projects and what they were to entail. Broken into groups we discussed the content of these. I was happy to find out that our documenting process was now online, a step up from Writing Media Texts, making this blogging assignment much easier and more fun I think. The ability to have full access to links, pages and other areas of the interest is quite advantageous, not to mention not having to print out pages upon pages of images and quotes then harnessing our year 5 skills of physical cutting and pasting…no thanks, this is much better.

It also allows us as students to tag our friends in our posts and to view their pages and blogs, something that was not as easy when it came to physical journals. I think the outlook of the assignment as a whole has room for a lot more creative angles and presentation due to its digital sense. Plus, less writing, so excellent for all of us 🙂


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