3 shades of flash

3 shades of flash

SO, you want to know a little about the blog and me. This blog wasn’t even setup by me, it was established by RMIT (thats a rhyme, unintentional) for the subject of Network Media in an effort to get us to increase our media literacy and create an online identity and dare I say it may just be working. The idea is that we reflect, argue, create, tell, etc etc on things that happen in the subject such as readings, lectures (or apparently they are called symposiums now) and lab sessions. We are also permitted to do other blog posts outside of what the course is about (so the ones you actually care about reading).

As for myself, there isn’t much to tell really. I like making films, my links and sites are on the homepage. I live at Yarra House currently, student accommodation and am often called upon to lead the Yarmy to freedom (will explain in later posts). I am from Sydney originally, went to the Scots College Sydney and now attempting to pursue some kind of career in media/film. Who the hell knows what they want to do these days but I like making films and silly videos so thats what matters, lets see if we can make a career out of that.

Checkout my links and posts, don’t be afraid to share, link, subscribe (can you subscribe, I sure hope so) and if you like reading about inspiring stories/events/ideas and random funny phrases then why not read my blog, because if you are this deep into the internet you certainly have nothing better to do 😉


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