Communication is a good key to have on the keychain ;)

aaahhhh the keys

Communication and its importance is something I have always valued very highly but never fully understood. I mean who would though, when we live in an age of social media and technology, who has time to communicate right? I mean I am trying to get this message to you via social media, so what does that say? Maybe thats irony, maybe thats me trying to make a difference. Choice is a topic for another post 😉

I am have seen too many friendships, family connections, jobs lost, experiences missed all because of poor communication. A fear of mine is that the generations coming up will be too afraid to say things to friends and family because they don’t know how to communicate properly. We need intelligence, we need an IQ, but perhaps more importantly we need an EQ, emotional intelligence, and a high one at that.

Why are people so afraid to speak? Don’t get me wrong, I do it all the time, we all do it but I try my best to make a conscious effort to communicate like a proper adult to avoid child-like confrontations. Couples and relationships are the best example. Many times I have been pissed about something my partner has done or said, and I know I have done the same to her, but if you hold that in and don’t communicate if properly the moment it happens it will swing round the earth, gain some serious momentum in the gravitational pull and smack you off your feet.

Communication is a good key to have on the keychain because without it we are lost as humans. If animals can live together in families, hunt prey and look after each other without words then we should not be fighting each other and holding things in for years on end. Learn to communicate your feelings in a way that works for you and you will see your friendships and relationships blossom I promise. It is time as people we took responsibly for how we talk and interact with each other to create a better and friendlier society.


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