KFC: Key Friday Collaboration – Workshop

wicked wings baby

Aaaaahhhhhhh the HTML!!! Week 5, the week we had all been fearing, hoping would never come, but it did anyway. Sophie was armed with her how to make websites for dummies book and probably 10 hours of study while some of us had no idea and were armed with 3 hours of sleep and a zinger burger ultimate box meal from the Kernel, much more helpful in my opinion.

I DIDN’T TAKE ANY PHOTOS THIS WEEK! For that I am sorry but the test was more annoying than stressful and I had really greasy fingers from the wicked wings…so damn good. Basically we had to code two webpages which linked to each other, had paragraphs and pictures. The coding itself was the easiest part. Cyberduck was the real bitch, or duck rather…Moving those files was impossible, it just didn’t want to remember where the files were saved and when they were moved the server was just screwing around and not working. Eventually the network was so crap those who had not finished what should be a 10 minute task in 2 hours had to complete at another time. Thankfully I got it done in time. And can I say something? WTF is with these pictures:

why pomegranates?

why pomegranates?




I will never fully understand network media.



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