Analysis/Reflection 2 (Q2)

Select from one of the readings, up to but not including Week 5, and briefly describe two points that you have taken from it. Points that excite you, something that was completely new to you.

Week 3 – Sound design

  1. How to listen and what to listen for:
    This particular section was interesting because we so often take our listening for granted. We don’t usually scrutinise sound—its various layers and textures—in an environment. I’d imagine the sound of a chick hatching would simply be a cracking eggshell, followed by a couple of chirps. However, deeper listening would unveil sounds more than cracks and chirps. Listening conscientiously is vital to creating good sound design, so I’ll be sure to pay more attention to my surroundings.
  2. Sound depicts identity:
    I thought this point would be useful for the short film my group will be working on. Our film is basically about a mother who eavesdrops on her son and his friend from his bedroom door. She hears curious noises and imagines her son and his friend doing “terrible things”, such as watching porn and smoking up. These “curious noises” include water bubbling [in a bong] and moaning [from porn videos], so we’ll have to find alternative situations whereby similar noises would be used. For example, the bubbling water could have actually come from a kettle, instead of a bong. We’ll have to find alternative identities for those sounds.
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