Analysis/Reflection 2 (Q1)

In the film Clown Train how does sound contribute to the atmosphere of this film? Describe what you heard? Can you make reference to another genre film and how they utilise sound to create tension and a unique filmic space?

I hear a constant background sound (that I can’t really describe) that is typical in horror movies during high-tension scenes. The sound editor drives up this sound as the film escalates to a climax. There is also static noise from the lights going on and off. Sound definitely adds to the suspense and intensity of this film, creating build-up that keeps viewers on the edge.

This student short, VICTIM, also uses similar sounds to create tension – lots of static and build-up. It uses that similar background sound in Clown Train and layers it with sounds of birds chirping, jogging, etc. Towards the end, the sound editor adds more sound effects (e.g. leaves crunching, branches snapping) in more frequent and sudden intervals.

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