Analysis/Reflection #4, Q1

In this clip from Forbidden Lies, Anna Broinowski’s 2007 film: describe in detail all of the audio, how it may have been recorded/sourced and how you think it has been edited / layered in post. (You do not need to describe how the music was recorded)

The clip begins with an old-school love song, with birds chirping— signalling happiness, romance—in the background. There is also whimsical, upbeat music as Anna reveals the each lie. It reminds me of Wes Anderson films, because they contain strong elements of fantasy – a connection I believe Anna was trying to make.

Throughout the film there are plenty of comical sound effects, which I believe are meant to portray Forbidden Love as fictitious to the point of hilarity. At 0:37, when Anna posits Forbidden Love as an falsified biographical account, there is the sound of a cash register opening, which I believe was used to imply that Forbidden Love is a story fabricated for monetary gains. At 3:44, there is a ‘ding’ sound when Anna debunks yet another lie (regarding Music Box), as though she’s trying to say: “Ding! Yet another lie!”

Most of the music and sound effects were probably royalty-free tracks sourced online, although I think the opening music was not, and the producer obtained permission to use the track.

During the scenes where Anna is outdoors and speaking, her voice was probably recorded with a boom mic. The mic might have been directed towards Anna, but the background noise was loud enough to get picked up. Also, the mic is simply quite sensitive, as I have found out during our own shoot.

Since sound design is planned during pre-production, the editor should have already had collected and/or recorded appropriate audio clips prior to post. I think what happened in post is this: the editor probably fashioned a narrative out of the audio first, sans video (like what I seem to be doing with my documentary). Then he/she would edit and layer the audio with video, followed by sound effects and music.

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