$1 pintxos!


I’ll tell you something about being a student on a shoestring budget: eating out is not fun. Not when your cheapest options are sushi, pizza or a 7-11 sandwich. There are days you feel like eating a little fancier, but your pockets are emptier than Nicole Richie’s bras.

Well, thank God for Naked for Satan (pun intended). Lunch hour on weekdays mean half-priced pintxos at $1 each, and that even includes dessert! Chocolate rum balls and wee-sized cannolis – perfection. Toss in $5 for a small cider, or skip the booze and fill up on more pintxos. I believe they rotate the menu from time to time, but I went once in December and once this month, and nothing much had changed. Still awesome anyway!

If pintxos aren’t quite your thing, Bimbo around the corner does unbeatable $4 pizzas. Just look out for the creepy, giant Kewpie head. Can’t miss it.

P.S.: I really enjoyed Mardy’s post on her four and a half months stay in India. She was there to volunteer at the Integrated Institute for the Disabled (IID) in Varanasi – a hostel, school and university for children with special needs. I’m looking at venturing into volunteer work in Nepal when I graduate from uni, so reading this was so inspirational and reassuring. Thanks for being a lovely soul, Mardy!

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