I’ve moved!

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Good Lord, I am loving my new place! For the past year, I had been living in a studio apartment in North Melbourne  an apartment I affectionally call the hobbit hole.

The most painful part about living there was the kitchen. Oh, how tiny it was! I love cooking. I love whipping up a storm. And there is nothing I covet more than a huge kitchen, well-equipped and well-stocked, with a majestic island to boot – I had none of that. My appliances had to vie for countertop space and the sink couldn’t fit a regular-sized chopping board. The fridge, too, was miniature and terribly inconvenient. It didn’t freeze very well; everything was frosted  not frozen. This meant no frozen vegetables, no frozen meat (or rather  very pungent, inedible meat after a while) and obviously no ice-cream! Which was just preposterous! A blasphemy!

But that apartment came in handy in Spring school when my Writing Media Texts group mates and I had to scout a suitable location for our ‘long take’ assignment. Check out the following video for a peek into the aforementioned hobbit hole (you might find a familiar face in there belonging to our handsome Networked Media classmate, Tim):

Well, those days are delightfully over and I cannot be more psyched knowing I have a proper freezer here and a convection oven. Unsurprisingly, the first thing that went into the freezer was a huge tub of Sara Lee’s Honeycomb & Butterscotch ice cream. (It was half off at Woolworth’s; no one in the right mind would NOT pick it up.) The next appliance I’m going to abuse is, of course, the oven. What should I bake? I really want to try a recipe for granola – I’ve never made those, but I’ve already rummaged through most of the variety at the supermarket and decided it’s time to personalize my very own granola mix.

Stay tuned, folks, for more adventures in the kitchen. Until then…

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