The concept of network media is arguably more recent and superior than the term digital. Adrian argues that the term digital is pretty much a given these days and yet, has not been ‘destructive’ as such in its effect on media. The internet on the other hand undoubtedly has this potential. ┬áNot only has the internet changed the way we operate technology but has rendered many technologies and ideas redundant in its wake.

What is neutral technology? Does neutrality take into account the way people use and manipulate a particular medium? Furthermore, can the neutrality of a technological medium change over time? The example of the Text message (now an undoubtedly social medium) was given, as originally it was not intended for interpersonal communication. All this being said, does a neutral technology actually exist?

Specifically in regards to the internet, is neutrality even possible? I would argue no, as it will always be subject to the way we use and manipulate it in order to gratify or serve ourselves. Furthermore, certain mediums will lend themselves to particular things more than others simply by nature.