Reflection: Room With a View, Monday the 24th of April

On Monday the 24th of April myself and my classmate Jessica hosted RRR’s hour-long talk show, Room with a View. We structured the show around three 10-13 minute interviews, 2 of them being pre-recorded, and the final interview being live. Overall I think the show was successful, but there were a number of problems that I noticed in listening back the show, which would be good to improve on before the next show.

Firstly, I think both myself and my co-host Jessica use too many descriptive words throughout the show. It sounds good at the time but then it restrospectively comes off as lazy, as though we haven’t bothered thinking critically about the content that it going to air and how we can reflect on it. In the future, it would sound better to point out specific things about the content we’re listening too, so that we sound as though we are more involved.

Furthermore, there were a number of spots of dead-air throughout the show. This actually wasn’t our fault, as it was an issue with the sponsorship cueing system within the RRR studios. However, I think in retrospect, Jess and myself waited too long to come in and talk over the dead-air. We also could look to testing sponshorship cueing before the show, maybe by talking to those who went on air previous to us, or making a plan B if the sponshorship cueing doesn’t work. Finally, we also encountered a number of small hiccups in our presenting. For example, I said the name of the studio before the name of the show, which upon reflection sounds a tad strange.

Whilst I do think the show was an overarching success, but there are some improvements that could be made. The show with annotations is linked below.

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