RWAV Feature and Reflection

Our final assessment for Room With a View was the creation of an audio feature around 10 minutes in length. Our group deliberated for some time on want to focus on for the feature, however, in the end elected to focus on the sustainable fashion movement as a topic. This was something I was initially skeptical about, because it was something I just had never heard of, and therefore didn’t view it as an issue. However, over time, I realised that it indeed was a critical issue facing the environment, and that led me to believe this was something that we needed to cover.

Overall, I’m incredible satisfied with the final result of the feature. I was amazed by how much work went in to puttin it together, but the amazing work of Natalie, Sally, Jessica, India and Rosie can’t be commended enough. They wrote, recorded and edited a incredible piece of work here. Despite it’s 12 minute length, the feature flows and is paced brilliantly, particularly commendable is the use of music and fading in and out between interviews.

My regrets lie in my own contributions, I feel as though I didn’t contribute enough at all. All I seemed to do was email and set up guests to be interviewed, but the lack of responses I received made me feel all the more useless. I also was frustrated because I did provide a short interview with my Grandma about her work in an op-shop, however, it was not included. Whilst my disappointment initially lied in the lack of inclusion, I now realise that the disappointment should lie in my own work, as its absence means the interview was simply not up to par with the rest of the recordings.

If I were to attempt something similar in the future, my goal would be to definitely get more involved and contribute more to the final project. I’m immensely proud of the feature that our group has submitted, and only wish I had played more of a role in its excellence.


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