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As mentioned, my role for our second show on the 29th of May is social media. It’s difficult knowing what exactly to do as a social media manager, because there is no set of defined rules. Looking over other radio program’s use of social media, I was able to observe some key tactics certain pages employ, in this case, the Triple J Hack program.

Hack – Triple J

Hack is an interview show on Triple J, similar to Room with a View.

Their use of social media is diverse and engaging, and it is an effective way to not only act as a way to garner interest in the show, but also act as it’s own news collater.

Some tweets, such as the one above, employ videos and photos to generate interest in the program and provide extra information and insight into upcoming guests.

Others will link 2 articles, both effectively characterising itself as a news collater, and using outside-news to link to the program.

Hack also use their Twitter effectively throughout the programs. The idea of sharing funny texts that the show receives works well to maintain interest in the social media even while the program is airing. The posting of links to stats and quotes by interviewees is effective at keeping a running documentation of the show for those who may have missed moments or want something sourced.


Hack has an excellent Twitter account. In terms of employing what I have learnt into the RWAV twitter, I really like the idea of photos and videos, to diversity and create visual interest. I also like the idea of linking articles from outside sources. This is something I will definitely look to employ in the RWAV twitter. I could, for example, link outside interviews with some of our guests, or articles that link to topics we will be discussing on the show. I have also gained a lot of inspiration from the way the program employs social media even whilst the program is airing. Our show doesn’t have a textline, but we do recieve tweets, so perhaps we could incorporate them into the social media to maintain interest in the Twitter whilst we are on air.


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