Final Social Media Reflection – 29th of May

Today marked the final day of my role as social media manager for our second Room with a View Show on the 29th of May. In short, I was satisfied with my performance in the role to some extent, however, I found that I could have begun earlier, in order to have a longer time to generate interest in the show.

Part of my role was to write this synopsis and description of the episode on the Triple R website.

I elected to not post this description until after the program had gone to air. This was due to the chance of something going wrong. I think that this was overall a good idea, as Russell explained certain things in the live interview that we were not prepared for, and I was able to then add it later when I did the description.

My main role for social media, however, was use of the Twitter. I completed three styles of tweets.

The first was a number of preview tweets, that were done in order to try and generate hype for the show going to air.

My tweets were an attempt to attract an audience for the show by letting them know how they can listen to it and constantly keeping it in the back of their minds. However, it seems that it wasn’t as successful as it could have been, as these tweets were the least tweeted about from all that I did. In the future perhaps the next social media manager can reduce the number of preview tweets to just 1 or 2, and focus on extra content that provides information about the guests and topics, as these appeared to be the most popular tweets.

The other types of tweets I did were ones I called #rwavplays. This is inspired by the ‘Triple J plays’ Twitter, and it’s where I listed all the songs that we were playing. Some of these were well recieved, and I think it was successful in garnering a positive view from our audience, as we were asssisting them in finding the music.

Finally, during the show, I live tweeted quotes from the interviewees as they were going to air. My aim here was to create a transmedia experience, where social media and the show go hand in hand in delivering the content. Unfortunately, the majority of these didn’t recieve much of a response. The ones that did however, were the ones that mentioned or linked to organisations or interviewees, which could be something to keep in mind next time.

Overall, whilst I am satisfied with how I performed my role of social media, I think next time I could start earlier, and provide the the audience with more links to extra information about interviewees and topics.


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