My Method #3

A matter of production, directing and filmmaking as a whole with which I have very little experience is casting. Up until now, I have used friends, though granted friends with an aptitude for performance, in all productions I’ve worked on. My short film in Film/TV 1 serves as a prime example. My lead actor I went to school with and performed alongside him, as well as made our high school short films together. My lead actress was a friend whom had expressed a keen interest in acting to me, and a keen enthusiasm for my project. My key supporting actor was a co-worker who has more professional acting experience than the latter two combined. A Major thing that I must face as a director however, is electing people who (more often than not) I will not know, but rather will be suitable if not perfect for the role intended. I am simultaneously nervous and excited about looking out for talent, holding auditions and working with new people. I think that I am naturally good with people, making them at ease in a new environment, despite the possibility of myself not being entirely comfortable.

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