My Method #4

At this early stage in my career (if indeed I can call it a career), the most restrictive factor in my process is budget. After a quick google search of the cheapest successful films made, I discovered that the highest grossing (or most critically acclaimed) low budget film was made for a mere 7 thousand dollars. This film is Monsters directed by Gareth Edwards. The word mere is used with heavy irony. 7000 is a lot of money, especially when I myself am working very little and dependent on youth allowance to pay rent, bills and any other things I must pay for, on top of any luxuries my lifestyle demands. Where does this money come from, how do I get around budget, grants? The idea of grants seems so completely foreign to me that even the thought of applying for one leaves me intimidated and demotivated. Do I then take out a personal lone, as Kevin Smith did when he made Clerks, a risky move which paid off for him, but he is an exception among thousands, and he had the benefit of living in the same country as Hollywood. Obviously these massive budgets are for feature films, and it will be a long time before I am in a position to even consider the possibility of making one. More likely than not, I will be taking advantage on the kindness of friends and milking favours for all they’re worth.

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