My Method #2

When I consider my style (or at least what I could potentially consider as elements of my style) I consider the things which appeal to me, and resonate in such a way which makes me excited, inspired, and wanting to emulate it in some regard. My range of taste is quite wide, I enjoy music, from deep techno to black metal. I love my anime and manga, as well as comics in general. I’ve been an avid player of video games, spending ours binging on playing rather than sleeping. The books I read tend towards fantasy or science fiction, though a lot of other fiction appeals, Dostoyevski’s Crime and Punishment springs to mind. I’ve travelled thought South East Asia, India, Japan, as well as through and around Australia. I have fantastic and amazing friends who inspire me every day. What interests me is how this huge amount of information I have ingested over the past 24 years of my life will be channeled when I put my mind to creating something. I have created plenty of stuff before, I’ve made electronic music, DJ’d, photography, drawing, etc. but can’t necessarily pick up a distinct style (though many people who know me well would say I have a tendency towards the dark, introspective or epic; I don’t necessarily agree…). Only time will tell, through experience and reflection. More likely it will take someone else to recognise my patterns for me to understand my tendencies. Then I can challenge them.

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