Reflection on Week 9





A shot is broken up in the very end by four elements. These four elements define the tone and mood of a scene: the lighting, the color scheme, the music and Sound Effects, and even the camera movement. Since it is a lot of information to go over, this post I will be talking about Lighting.Before I learnt about lighting I actually thought that lighting is only the brightness of a shot; how could this affect your mood very much? I was totally wrong because lighting actually does affect audience mood on every scene. Also, I learnt about lights currently are hard light often creates harsh, sharp-edged shadows. With soft lighting, the light is more diffused and evenly spread out. Direct sun overhead on a bright sunny day is an example of hard lighting. When the sun is behind clouds in the sky, this creates soft lighting. Hard and soft lighting can also be created artificially with the use of different lights. A direct spotlight would be another example of hard lighting while gentler overhead lighting with various lamps around to help fill in shadows could be considered a more soft form of lighting.


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