Contextualising statement for exhibition


Today, I am introducing the Generation Y behaviour towards social media. Apparently there’s a new phobia like we are more afraid of losing our mobile phones than losing our wallet! I think people nowadays should bring awareness over this issue.

Generation Y grew up with technology, so being connected and tech savvy is in their DNA. Equipped with latest technology and dagets, such as iPhones, laptops and lately tablests. Generation Y want to go more pretty places to take pictures and make their lives look more glamorous on Instagram. The app has essentially become our generation’s way of maximizing any situation by capturing a small, deceptive square’s worth of information to convince our peers we are more exciting than we really are.

And if not enough people like their photos, well… that’s when people get mad. Really, really mad. Most of the people these days are addicted to the virtual word and do not live to reality, they tend to avoid the setbacks in life. The unreal praise in the virtual world are indeed exciting however it might would not give the courage to one to face reality.

To many people, Instagram is like a stage, and their followers are their audiences. Their followers monitor the stuff they share on social media, which forces them to build this image of a ‘perfect person’ living in a good live.

So… The questions are… What are followers on Instagram? Why are the relationships on it seemingly shallow and self-serving, is Instagram gaining popularity and publicity? With Instagram, its “news feed” feature allows “friends” or followers to consume news content from other people and stay in touch through the content being shared.

With a hilarious new cast of comedians actors and personalities chatting about all new topics, this series is the most accurate dissection of the current trends and activities our generation indulges in.

Also, I will be introducing Malaysia Eye Candy. It is a popular instagram account that has 102k followers and the number of followers are still gaining. A slang term for attractiveness, Eye Candy is defined as someone or something that is visually attractive or pleasing to look at. The profile ONLY and strictly share beauiful instagram girls in Malaysia. Due to the popularity of the account, young girls tend to edit their picture to look good so that they can get a shout out by the account and gain followers, because the more followers and ‘likes’, the more famous they will become.

In sum, as with all the past social networking sites, the potential for abuse is always there. But if utilized constructively, it can assist in making our lives easier, more productive and stay more connected with each other.




Collaboration post for Film 3

Creating the media products for this course was a lot of fun as I recall.  I spent many hours doing research on my tasks, trying to make it perfect. My lecture actually pushed me to make it a better product, guide me and will constantly check on me and my group members about the video project and I was pleased that he had done that.  The group assignment, where we were given and created the tasks of video project, went fairly smoothly most of the time.  We planned in a separate document and then produced the unit together.  I think that my contribution to every group task that we had in every class was a little bit less than other group members and I am very thankful every of the group members that I paired with are being so helpful. Especially Ali and Farina.

I am quite happy with the whole production as I did quite well from research to planning to production then finally evaluating. I have met my aim and felt I have tried my very best. I found that working with colour balance is a specialist skill but it is great to have learned more about manipulating the image to create the look and feel you are after. Also, during my planning, I was happy with my overall performance. In addition, I found that my planning continued through to the production. I found the production process very fun and I learnt a lot. I feel that my time management has improved and it is vital to concentrate in the period of shooting. Moreover, I learnt more filming skills as well as meeting and working with others. In sum I felt that I evaluated my final project well and I have learnt the the genre change as well because it gives me the chance to explode my creativity.


Reflection on Colour Grading

Today, Paul has given a colour learning exercise. Colour grading is a new area for me but I believe colour does make an important roles to a film, because the colour grading well can have a startling effect on the look and feel of a film. Having gone through the basics of colour grading I understand that essentially what is involved is working with hue (the colour), saturation (moving through from white/grey to muted tones to vibrant colour) and luminance (the brightness of a colour). Premiere Pro has a Three-way Colour Corrector that allows an editor to fully manipulate these three key elements.

I used clips from Lenny shoot, repeated 3 times with different colour grades on it.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 5.01.28 PM
The first thing I wanted to try was to warm up the colours. So, the first edit screen I increased the shadows and decreased the mid tones. This is pretty raw but I was working with that overall colour change.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 5.01.39 PM

Then, I worked to increase the shadows and broaden the mid tones to try to get more depth to the image.I pushed the master hue out of the green/blue range into blue and kept the range of mid tones and highlights broader.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 5.01.51 PM

Lastly, this is my favourite colour tones of them all. I pushed the general hues into the warm range just to see what it gave me and this worked quite well because it looked cleaner and better balanced.






Reading about Generation Y

Screen shot 2013-08-30 at 1.16.30 PM


Social networking is making us lose our manners! I happen to read this article in newspaper and the topic somehow matched my short film so I think why not talk about it more a little. Well, texting during a coffee catch up or Instagram-ing over a beer. And also I think that one of the problem it’s the feelings of being fear of missing out? We tend to want or need to connected to our Instagram and emails 24-7 and apparently there’s a new phobia like we are more afraid of losing our mobile phones than losing our wallet! I think people nowadays should bring awareness over this issue, this thought came into my mind when I was having a little catch with my friend last friday,  reasons are listed as below.



  1. Retouch the photo – Everyone wants a perfect body, Instagram special square print format, so you can cut more bad parts of their body, just put the crop after the photos, so we think your body well.
  2. Build their own little kingdom Instagram – They can post whatever and whenever they like.
  3. Living a good life. – Let everyone know that you are doing very well by posting eating good food, wearing nice clothes, carry branded goods or even attending various parties. For example, fashion show.
  4. ‘Like’ button are very important. – They constantly check the phone notifications by seeing how many likes they gaining. Double digit is good but of cause three digit of the ‘likes’ is better.
  5. Angle are very important too. – In order to get the perfect photo, they will try a lot of angles, took dozens of photos, but only choose the best one to upload.



Reflection on Week 10

We had three different cameras in today’s class exercise, DSLR, Sony EX3 and Sony Z7. We had to focus on the same subject but each one us had different focal length.Z7 was on 25MM, DSLR was about 80MM and EX3 was on 20MM. I do know using Sony EX3 is more professional and high definition outcome, but I personally prefer to use DSLR to do my shooting because it is small and easier to carry every where for such small and skinny girl like me. Meanwhile, I also learnt about is that every DSLR gives you the ability to change your focus points to ensure that what it is you want in focus is nice and sharp. A camera’s auto-focus system intelligently adjusts the camera lens to obtain focus on the subject, and can mean the difference between a sharp photo and a missed opportunity.

Interview over the weekend

I am glad that I finally done my interview with four of my interviewees during the weekend. I filmed people with the same location but in different angles. On the other hand, my editing style will be adjusting the brightness/contrast, hue/saturation and shadow to make this video to be more effective to the audience. Then, in order to make the video seems to fit naturally with the song, the music needs to be in time with every single screen.

The make up will be as natural as possible in the video, this is to ensures the best images can be present to the audiences and give myself the freedom to adjust and edit the light effect. However, the clothes colour and hair style must keep as simple as possible. Besides, the requirement of surrounding sound must be as quiet as possible, because the unnecessary noise may affect the outcome of the video as well.

Also I realise, the weather conditions are also a important requirement during the shooting, for example, raining day may affect the light effect and filming effect. The interview went really smooth because interview questions were very simple and straight forward, except the the lighting for the film is the only problem because some of them only free at night. Hopefully I can touch up and edit a little bit during editing.

Last but not least, I want to say millions times of thank you to them for participate and helped me for my last assignment.



Thoughts about movie – Inception




The opening of the movie – ‘Inception’ is a recent example of a thriller film. The film starts by setting the scene and showing waves, in the ocean. This lasts for a few seconds, and then cuts to our first human face. A close up of this face reveals them to be male, and after watching the entire film, i can associate this face as being the main character.
The main character is introduced to us right at the start, and after the close up of him, there is a shot reverse shot, showing the main character looking at two children. This is all very confusing for the audience as they have no idea who this character is, or why he is looking at these children.
The film then cuts to the character somewhat passing out on the beach, and then being prodded in the back by an armed officer’s rifle. The opening scene then stops. From this, the audience are extremely confused as to what the film is going to be about. It just looks like a random man, washed ashore. It is unclear whether the children are on the same beach as him, or whether he is imagining it, and it is left for the reader to make their own mind up.

This opening sequence is very effective in creating suspense for the audience, and gives a real sense of mystery. It introduces the main character superbly, and a mix of shots create a real image of the character. The sequence doesn’t give anything away, but allows the audience to meet the main character.

Reflection on Week 9





A shot is broken up in the very end by four elements. These four elements define the tone and mood of a scene: the lighting, the color scheme, the music and Sound Effects, and even the camera movement. Since it is a lot of information to go over, this post I will be talking about Lighting.Before I learnt about lighting I actually thought that lighting is only the brightness of a shot; how could this affect your mood very much? I was totally wrong because lighting actually does affect audience mood on every scene. Also, I learnt about lights currently are hard light often creates harsh, sharp-edged shadows. With soft lighting, the light is more diffused and evenly spread out. Direct sun overhead on a bright sunny day is an example of hard lighting. When the sun is behind clouds in the sky, this creates soft lighting. Hard and soft lighting can also be created artificially with the use of different lights. A direct spotlight would be another example of hard lighting while gentler overhead lighting with various lamps around to help fill in shadows could be considered a more soft form of lighting.


Interviewee Profiles



Yanni Ng

Yanni is a young girl, 20 years old. She was the only person who been named as one of the pretties girl in Malaysia, as her Instagram profile got posted from an famous account called Malaysia Eye Candy, this account has 25k followers. Thankfully she is willing to take part, because she is going to tell us about how Instagram makes an important place in her daily life. She looks like an ordinary girl, is suitably photogenic for my mood piece and expresses emotion well through her face.


Jayne Chek

Jayne is in her mid 20s, also an ordinary young woman. She is bubbly, friendly and loveable. She is going to tell us about how Instagram makes an important place in her daily life throughout the interview. For Jayne, She is the one I needed an interviewee who the audience would immediately bond with.

She’s a bubbly with a bright smile that will stand out on camera.


Abigail Kan

Abigail is a student who studying Accounting course in RMIT. She loves to take her outfits of the date and food picture to share on instagram. Her instagram profile are quite pretty artistic as she used lots of fillers.

She’s absolutely pretty and photogenic that will stand out on the camera as well.


Mandy Gioh

Mandy is a semi professional photographer. She loves to take outfits picture like others girl do too. I am going to ask her to recommend which app she like to use to edit her picture.

She is a young and cheerful person which is what I needed in my short film.






Reflection on Week 8

In week 8, we practice to do different angel of interview. I actually edited the clips together, the video shows as below.




I personally prefer interview style #3, because it only show interviewee and the audience will not feel weird where the interview were facing their back to the audience. With interview style 3, audience can understand the story better through the camera work, editing, sounds effect, interviewee face expression and body language.

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