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The opening of the movie – ‘Inception’ is a recent example of a thriller film. The film starts by setting the scene and showing waves, in the ocean. This lasts for a few seconds, and then cuts to our first human face. A close up of this face reveals them to be male, and after watching the entire film, i can associate this face as being the main character.
The main character is introduced to us right at the start, and after the close up of him, there is a shot reverse shot, showing the main character looking at two children. This is all very confusing for the audience as they have no idea who this character is, or why he is looking at these children.
The film then cuts to the character somewhat passing out on the beach, and then being prodded in the back by an armed officer’s rifle. The opening scene then stops. From this, the audience are extremely confused as to what the film is going to be about. It just looks like a random man, washed ashore. It is unclear whether the children are on the same beach as him, or whether he is imagining it, and it is left for the reader to make their own mind up.

This opening sequence is very effective in creating suspense for the audience, and gives a real sense of mystery. It introduces the main character superbly, and a mix of shots create a real image of the character. The sequence doesn’t give anything away, but allows the audience to meet the main character.

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