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Yanni Ng

Yanni is a young girl, 20 years old. She was the only person who been named as one of the pretties girl in Malaysia, as her Instagram profile got posted from an famous account called Malaysia Eye Candy, this account has 25k followers. Thankfully she is willing to take part, because she is going to tell us about how Instagram makes an important place in her daily life. She looks like an ordinary girl, is suitably photogenic for my mood piece and expresses emotion well through her face.


Jayne Chek

Jayne is in her mid 20s, also an ordinary young woman. She is bubbly, friendly and loveable. She is going to tell us about how Instagram makes an important place in her daily life throughout the interview. For Jayne, She is the one I needed an interviewee who the audience would immediately bond with.

She’s a bubbly with a bright smile that will stand out on camera.


Abigail Kan

Abigail is a student who studying Accounting course in RMIT. She loves to take her outfits of the date and food picture to share on instagram. Her instagram profile are quite pretty artistic as she used lots of fillers.

She’s absolutely pretty and photogenic that will stand out on the camera as well.


Mandy Gioh

Mandy is a semi professional photographer. She loves to take outfits picture like others girl do too. I am going to ask her to recommend which app she like to use to edit her picture.

She is a young and cheerful person which is what I needed in my short film.






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