Presentation Plan (Kerry-Anne + STeve):
presentation premise

Presentation Timeline (Yun + STeve)
STeve Timeline – Sheet1

Presentation Powerpoint (Yun + STeve)

These were the bare bones of our presentation today, which we fleshed out by speaking candidly about our plans for Lord Of The Land. I think the presentation went well – despite my nightmarish morning trying to get to uni with public transport turmoil. I stand with the unions but they sure made me late.
We discussed our plans with the class, how our project is based around process and research, and got some good feedback. We were last to talk, so everyone was pretty tired and hungry by that time, and thus we tried to be succinct. We didn’t receive too much criticism which was both good and bad; I would have preferred some peer-to-peer sharing of ideas for our project with the rest of the students but it’s probably better that the students didn’t have any major qualms. After seeing other presentations it became clear we need to get a serious move on and start shooting. Yun’s timeline was very helpful and thorough (she’s an angel) which will enable us to get good work done in good time.
Following our presentation and that of the other groups my immediate plans is to start filming (even just on an iphone) my scripts so far to have something to share with the group and to work upon.

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