I believe we in Group STeve made an excellent team, and that all group members contributed something different but essential to our overall product. Our varied skill-set meant our final product was of good quality, and I believe we all pulled our share of the weight in pre-production, group meetings, consultations, presentations, and submissions.
We had an egalitarian writing and pre-production process, which was easy to accomplish by assigning each member of STeve an amount of scripts to submit per week. By having open communication on our facebook page we were able to make plans with everyone involved, and could accommodate for absences in advance. Through being able to allocate certain tasks we could each complete what we needed to for the completion of our prototype. For example Kerry-Anne was excellent at organisation, Wei Yun attended the majority of our meetings while other members were working off-campus, she and Dylan also accounted for majority of the editing, while Raph and I did our share of the writing and planning, and I was vigilant with my documentation and blog posts which aided with those of the group.
All in all I’m very happy with the collaborative work undertaken by STeve, and would highly recommend all group members for future prospects. 10 out of 10. Five thumbs up.

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