Yesterday’s Presentation Day

Yay! I feel our presentation went really well, and that we gave a holistic overview of our practice and product. Even though we were the second last group to present and the studio were looking disinterested by this point, we spoke well and delivered a great pitch.
Dylan and I spoke about location, and overall we were all integrated throughout the 15 minutes and each contributed.

Here are our plans for the presentation:

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 8.40.38 PM

and our slide presentation by Wei Yun:

WEEK 12 – STeve Presentation

Because of time restraints we were not able to exhibit all of our final scene cuts for Keeping Mum. These were the scenes we filmed using minimal scripting and once we had decided mockumentary was our chosen genre. Therefore I believe they are the truest to our overall objective, to invert the traditional writing process through experimentation with genre. Unfortunately we couldn’t show all these scenes and also show our process/different genre scenes so these were left off the presentation.

These were the process scenes used to experiment with genre:

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