Monday Meeting & Feedback

Today we had our first meeting with our lecturer and we filled her in on our ideas. Prior to that we had a group meeting which I feel went well; it was mostly just good to be able to conceptualise in person and understand through face-to-face communication what the other group members had in mind.

Here are our feedback notes and my thoughts after today:

– Good process based project
– Another group has a similar genre idea but there are key differences
– I feel we need to create set characters and work off those, but also see how these characters change given the genre
– I was happy our lecturer said it was a project about process, and a writerly process at that, because both of those aims were my key things to concentrate on this semester. I’m happy our approach seems to skew the normal progression of film creation and that we are thoroughly exploring all possible trajectories before deciding on one.
– My only concern at this point is I can see how maybe we could deviate on the final genre and fuck around too much and not get to the final product we need to pitch.
– I’m fighting my natural instinct to create thorough character profiles and backgrounds which is how I’ve been taught through acting/writing in the past. My instinct is use these characterisations to inform plot/dialogue, kind of like a Stanislavsky technique in reverse (writing script not reading script)

All in all, good good let’s keep punchin the clock.

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