OVE Project 3 – Sketch 6

Select a highlight and upload it to Vine or another online service, does it work better as a micro-video than a short Facebook/youtube video?

compared to

For this sketch i’m looking at the same footage on different platforms, this is to see which online platform would best suit our concept and the basis of this sketch was to get an understanding of what would be best suit the type of video we want to put out.

Most of our sketches are made as a gaming montage and a video game montage is a collection of recorded footage from any video game and edited into a video. Generally, video game montages are intended to portray particular skill of a particular game or any accomplishments that could be considered uncommon for average players. Video game montages are a product of user-generated content where fans broadcast their individual experiences of in-game playing to other fans

Overall I think that using YouTube as a means of uploading content is a better choice compared to other sites, as it is within the context of the genre and concept we’re exploring – gaming montage. A Montage in particular tends to revolve around the idea that something specific wishes to be showcased to as many people as possible who find it interesting.




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