Final Prototype

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This is our final prototype, the idea of is is essentially exploring gaming videos through several forms such as .gifs, image, video caption and place them on Twitter. To specify, using Twitter, how can we collaborate with the gaming community? Essentially how we utilise Twitter  to create a gaming collaboration through usages of different types of highlights and forms in which they may be presented in – e.g. images, gifs, videos, etc.

We started off with one of my sketches, a take on 555’s screenshot of movies and uploading them onto twitter. We did that in game footage and screenshot every moment of the game and upload them onto twitter. Not only was that arduous but it does not capture our main focus of what we wanted, a gaming highlight reel. We moved on to capturing specific moments of the game but that was still not enough as it was more of what I did for the twitter sketch. Eventually we turned to gif files which had the elements of both a video and an image.

We created a hashtag #justGTAThings to collate all the data we had on our feed, like mentions, reposts, replies or people creating their own stuff and posting them up.

This prototype could go on to be part of a larger community. Not just one game specifically, but other games as well and not just on trend like highlights but more in depth stuff like walkthrough gaming videos.

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