Building a community on twitter – Project 4

Expanding on our first idea – by using hashtags within a gif to set a trend. Hashtags have the potential to put your content in front of a wider audience – including people who don’t follow you on social media.  Whether they see the hashtag in a post and click on it, or search the keywords and stumble across the hashtag, they are then presented with all of the posts containing that hashtag. Which met with the concept of ‘suggestions’ – asking the audience of what they want to see, what they want to happen, giving them the freedom to manipulate what they see to an extent.

Through these trials Steve and I found multiple ways of establishing a community through highlights. Like taking in suggestions of what to do by the audience as to establish a highlights reel feed more suitable to showcase for our prototype – where as by trying to set a trend to the community is difficult to show and control as it’ll be all over the ‘twittersphere’– however the hashtags make it easier to group certain aspects of highlights that we may want to share and spread.

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