Project 4 concept

So the feedback we got for Project 3 from the panel was to forward with our gaming highlight on twitter but try to be more specific and narrow down what we want to explore exactly. Steve and I decided to go forward with this idea of a ‘gaming highlight’ within a social network such as Twitter – to see if we can build upon this concept to create something different.

After getting more feedback on this concept, we narrowed our idea down for project 4 – the idea of essentially exploring gaming videos through several forms such as .gifs, image, video caption and place them on Twitter.To specify, the title of our work (subject to change) is essentially ‘a gaming highlights vlog/blog’ – we plan on exploring how we can utilise how Twitter  to create a gaming community through usages of different types of highlights and forms in which they may be presented in – e.g. images, gifs, videos, etc.I came up with one idea we can work with that I explored through Twitter by creating a ‘trend’ within the gaming community by using hash tags. This works very much like every other trend however, it’s specifically directed towards the gaming community – allowing for a more concise work and a non-narrative structure.And Steve came up with the second idea which is to focus on actually trying to create a ‘timeline’ of events that were apart of a much longer and larger recording session. This felt more like a ‘mini blog’ of what we were doing in the session – something he could expand on if he focused on much more than just the recording session.

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