Method of Working (Part 24)


Moving on from the storyboard imagery I decided to do a second draft, however film it on my iPhone. This allowed me to focus entirely on the frame and how I would want to film this scene again. I got the same actor, and went to the same location. I did mostly the same shots, just taking some of Paul’s advice and putting them into action. One of his suggestions was to leave out all of the blank and ugly space that distracts from the action taking place. If this was my final piece I wouldn’t do this layout (I only know this after doing it), because the location is unattractive. This shoot was just another basic piece that goes towards my method of working, and I would call it one of my research pieces. This scene starts with a CU of feet walking, next is a close up of the face, then a full body shot of the actor walking, leading to a front CU shot of the actor’s face. This then cuts to a side view of the actor, looking at him from character 2’s perspective; and then finishing the scene with another full body shot, as he is walking. After finishing this draft I wasn’t entirely happy, because all of the things I researched and learnt, I find it hard putting it into practice; and this is one of my greatest struggles when filming. However doing these shoots wrong just means I have more to reflect upon and to learn from; it all adds to the experience.

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