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The following posts demonstrates best my engagement with the course and its key ideas and objectives:
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In this course, we were introduced to different elements that covers in media making. we started off with making our accounts for blog posts and we had to regularly updating it with what we encounter in media making. I’ve learned that I enter into deep attention of thinking as i discovered I work best when i focus on a particular thing at one time. I also learned the Kuleshov effect in editing to create more meanings rather than using a single shot for a single meaning. I got to know that there are heaps of media texts around us, the noticing exercise helped me in connecting different texts of media and I began to question my self of why certain media is present and why we consume such mediums in our lives. Other then that I also came across the copyright issues and that as long as you have permission of the original maker and cite them correctly in your work, its all good then.



In this course, I learned how to use different stock footages and incorporate them into media making to create a valuable meaning out of it. I found it really precious as there are certain footages that you are not able to get but there are lots of free footages that can be used in your creative content. Secondly I got to have hands on experience with a sound recording equipment (zoom), I always wanted to know how these shows and film have such crisp quality sound and I’m glad I had the opportunity to gain that knowledge.



One of the most challenging aspects in this course were sounds. I struggled at the beginning to get high quality sound for my projects, but after experiencing Zoom recorders and other mic inputs, it has helped me in improving of what I wanted for my outcomes of projects including the final one but there are still loop holes that I need to cover up before I can be sure that I have fully learned the aesthetics in sound recording. Other than that, the blog writing has been a challenge. Not sounding delusional but at first I didn’t felt that I should be writing all the things that I go in between media texts and give my reflection on it as I wasn’t used to writing much in my previous education but later on I realized that its a part of a learning process and you self assess with the juxtaposition of before learning certain aspect and after learning that aspect. Now I feel confident when I write about what I believe in and what I think about certain details.



In the creative practice I discovered that I have a realist approach towards my content making process. I find really intimidating that how real can be real and what does make it real. Sounds quite confusing but it has its perks. In my projects of what I have created, I can see that I’m following the rules of realist approach in content making which is a style of Cinéma Vérité in filmmaking as I believe this is close to representing the truth of the narration.

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