Week 9

Luers, Will. “Plotting the Database.” Database | Narrative | Archive: Seven Interactive Essays on Digital Nonlinear Storytelling. Ed. Matt Soar and Monika Gagnon. N. p., 2013. Web.

In this reading, Will Luer discusses the features of a database narrative through “Plotting the Database”, published in 2012. Different database narratives such as entry points are explained throughout the article. There are 8 sections that will uses to explain how different elements are used and together create a more engaging piece of work.

Some of what he says is really interesting as we can relate it back to what we are working on at school. He says that the entry points set the tone for the rest of the database narrative, and this takes impact on how I would proceed with new korsakow projects. With korsakow the customization options are limited but give us enough options to reflect the tone of our project with simple tools such as selecting the start and end SNU.

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