Observing the materiality of the frame, SERIES is a project that integrates the frame into a multimediated online environment. Initially motivated by Haidee Wasson (2008), I began SERIES with the concept of exploring the networked screen and its suggested formative role. By ‘transforming celluloid, electronic and digital images into differentiated social and material sites of cultural engagement’, SERIES aimed to not only showcase frames, but imbricate their connections.

There are many elements that have been touched on in the process, with theories of the networked screen, hyperlink cinema, noticing and ‘Cinema 3.0’ (Daly 2010) all regulating these ideas by a contemporary visual point of view. Indeed, if contemporary culture is host to ‘more screens than places’, then naturally SERIES could attempt to suggest, reconfigure and expand the frame beyond ‘temporally and spatially specific material networks’ (Wasson 2008).


Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset


Collectively, SERIES is a project that shifted my appreciation of cinema and the frame ‘away from a sacred and finite text’ and encouraged an understanding of cinema as ‘an expanded system of overlapping relations’ (Wasson 2008). A large part of SERIES was constituted in my interest of cinema as a variety of systems and Gilles Deleuze’s ‘more radical Elsewhere’ (2005) of the frame in homogenous space and time.

SERIES may not be perfect, but it’s in this flawed work I was able to appreciate the frame as more than a traditional element of cinema. I took my love for framing a strange moment in my own perception and merged into an online platform that did the same. Often muddled and even glitchy, my project is fluid and I like it that way.

So have a click around, go through tags, hit the ‘Random’ tab and see where SERIES takes you. You can keep up to date with my noticing here on Instagram. Thanks for the great studio everyone, your feedback and presence was more than enough! And to Dan, thanks for being cool and excited about the frame, it rubbed off! 

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