My name is Monique and I’m an 18-year-old undergraduate communication student studying media, hoping to major in cinema studies or something in-between. I work part-time with music and film in retail and draw NSFW monsters/babes on weekends. I’m an avid anime watcher and will ask to pat your dog(s) on the streets in broad daylight. Sometimes I carry a film and/or digital camera and take photos of people looking out to the ocean. I like heavy/lo-fi music and minimalist living. You can probably find me at a Mr. Burger truck ordering a burger with two pattie’s, no pickles, no mustard and no onion. People/things I look up to include (but are not limited to); R.L Stine, FKA Twigs, Ivania Carpio, Mac Demarco’s body in an American Apparel spandex bodysuit, Kanye West’s New Testament, the crew of Zerofriends, Morrissey, Salvador Dalí, Rod Kimble and all directors of my favourite films. I also really appreciate wolves.

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