Rough Cuts – Pockets

I really enjoyed watching everyone rough cuts. There was such variety among the class and the standard was quite high.  Tim’s group ‘Hawaii Five-Oh’ (I think they call themselves that) made a stunning video for Pockets and their single Ten Different Names. I was excited to see what direction they would go in when I first heard the song as it a genre of music that I’d listen to. I remember hearing that they were going to play with paints and milk etc to create a psychedelic swirl. It was a cool idea although I didn’t think it would turn out as well as it did. The swirls were absolutely beautiful and were of a high quality. Furthermore I liked their decision to use silhouettes and to keep them purely black and not create a pattern within the face, as I think that would have ruined the effect. The video surprised me when the silhouette of the singers suddenly started moving around the edge of the frame. It found it humorous but very effective and a great use of the onscreen space.


A section which I found really effect from such a simple effect was when the lead singers silhouette was constantly changing hats. The sudden changes to the beat were very aesthetically pleasing and I would have liked to see even more of this. Another great part was when there were two silhouettes of the lead singer facing each other singing. It was weirdly intimate and I half expected them to either kiss or for the silhouettes to cross over to create a butterfly effect. The two silhouettes were slightly out of time which made them feel like two different entities rather than just a mirrored copy which made it even better.

Hawaii-Five-Oh did a great job with their music video and I can’t wait to see the final cut so congrats to them. I might go home and listen to some Pockets now.

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