Our Rought Cut

Our feedback from our rough cut video for Mollusc was mixed. People didn’t seem to like the shots with the white background which is understandable as it was a bit distracting when it cuts to white after being all black. Furthermore some thought that various transparent double exposure like effect on the group dancing shot came in to early and should of only escalated to that level towards the end of the song as it gets more intense. I got the impression that some people found the video a bit repetitive although it is a repetitive song and I think Andrea did a great job with the fast cuts that makes it interesting enough to watch for 3 or so minutes.

In terms of positive feedback the class loved how the lead singers Mo and Emma seemed to stand out amongst the crowd with their bright orange hair. Rohan suggested that we should take advantage of this and maybe color grade the footage to create an orange hue as to create an associative color scheme. The lead singers bright orange hair somewhat reminds me of Dawn Shadforth’s limited color scheme in Goldfraps Number One where the pink and green really pop. I thought Rohan’s idea to essentiate this orange color is a good one and we have played around with it in the edit suites.

I think the majority wished to see more of the Forest sequence although this was difficult as alot of that footage wasn’t of the highest quality. Andrea did a great job of selecting what footage was usable and cutting in a fast fashion so it didn’t matter that it was out of focus or not perfectly lit etc. Ideally I think the video would work well with more of a forest sequence as it’s a visually refreshing contrast to the studio shots.

The feedback from the rough cut gave us a lot to think about. I found it very useful to get other people’s opinions on our work. It gave us a few things to think about when heading back to the edit suites.

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