Shoot 3 (Studio)

The third shoot was similar to the second as we captured studio footage of both the leads as well as a new group of extras. First we ran through Emma and Mo singing the song over and over in front of both white and black backgrounds. Personally I think the white dosen’t really work that well but the black looked good. By this stage as we had already shot two days the lead girls seemed tired and a bit sick of it all but they still performed well.

The second half of the shoot was spend on the tableau style shot of the extras. It didn’t really turn out that well. We didn’t give them enough direction and this resulted in an awkward looking group people just staring at the camera in front of a bright background. The lighting is a bit off too. I’m not sure if we will end up using this shot.

We had some fun towards the end of our shoot as we filmed Andrea smashing grapes onto face which actually looked weirdly quite good. It was good to wrap up the last shoot with a bit of a laugh.


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