Investigating Lighting

Here is some research I did on lighting for a horror style music video. Unfortunately I feel like we didn’t take advantaged of some of the more stylised lighting techniques when we could have.

shadow` In this image the subject is standing with the li ght behind him. Because the light is so low it casts long and ominous shadows. This creates a dramatic look that may suit our video.
 Multi color girl Lighting the subject with two different colored lights. The light can be moved around to create an interesting effect.
Soft light can be used to further glamorise characters.
 COokies We can use a cutouts or various objects to cast interesting patterned shadows on our subjects. These go between the light fixture and the subject.




Furthermore we can use the barn doors attached to the light-fixtures to control the direction and focus of the light.

In film noir the eyes and brow are often illuminated by isolated light to get a dramatic look. Barn doors can be used to isolate the light in this manner.

 lowkeytut-4  lowkeytut-6 Lighting like this should give pretty dramatic results, although some of the background may be illuminated which might not be ideal for the studio.

By placing a reflector or another light-source diagonally adjacent to the light can give some nice hair light and sometimes create a halo-like effect.

 Low-Key-01 A three light low-key setup would look like this. This particular arrangement aims to keep one eye in full shadow dramatising the character.  The key light is the most important, this will be the brightest and most dominant light. The fill light compliments the key light on the opposite side to fill in some of the shadows created by the key light. The final light of the 3 point set-up which adds an outline to separate the subject from the background.

For our shoot we don’t want the fill light to be very dominant as we wish to exaggerate the contrast and get that low-key look.

 inlight We may also want to think about using practical light, which is a light within the scene itself. This could be particularly interested paired with the fog machine.



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